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This site is an attempt to combine two of my passions in life:-

Astrology and Crystals / Gems.   star sign, learn astrology
It is about all that twinkles...     

The Zodiac - Stars, Sun, moon, planets, asteroids, comets - sparkles in the Sky - the Twinkling from Above


Crystals / Minerals / Gems - goodies from the Earth - the Twinkling from Below

crystal crystal

An astrological chart is a map of the sky, as seen from a particular location, at a particular time on Earth - and as such represents potential energies present at that moment in time.

Crytsals are unique pieces, they sparkle and twinkle like the stars, each with its own marvellous landscape and figures within, like a little world that seems frozen in time.

crystal crystal

So how do I combine the two?

Astrology is one of the greatest tools around for your journey in self discovery. Crystals, besides being beautiful to look at, are said to have healing properties.

For many years I have studied astrology, interpreting natal charts, transits, progressions. I have used astrology as a tool for personal development for myself and others.   About fourteen years ago, a good friend introduced me to the wonderful world of crystals, minerals and gems.   I got myself a 'starter pack'.  I remember the joy I felt as I unwrapped each crystal and the little bursts of pleasure that accompanied each new discovery.   After 'playing' with them for a long time I put some in the living room, some in my bedroom and some in the bathroom.  Within a week my life seemed to take off.   I got a promotion at work, I won a free holiday and I got engaged to be married!  All in the same week!   As more time passed on more subtle levels I felt my intuition getting better, my mind become calmer and more composed and I had a general sense of well being.   Was it the crystals or was it all in my mind?  Looking back I think it was a mixture of both.  Certain crystal energy enhances what it finds around and at that time it just amplified my development.

I decided to try an experiment.  I practise meditation and I decided to incorporate crystals in my meditation. I would sit and put 4 quartz crystal points around me, in the north, east, south and west all pointing inwards towards me.  The effect was quite immediate.  It was like I was a radio and someone had turned up the volume!   I felt vibrant and alive yet calm and tranquil.

healing crystals

When friends came around to visit, I began to notice that certain people were more attracted to certain stones but not others.  I wondered if there was a correlation between their likes and dislikes and their horoscopes.  Some were more attracted to certain colours and shapes, others to transparent stones, yet others to translucent stones.  Most liked the stone attributed to their sunsign, their birthstone, but many of the girls preferred the stone associated with their moon sign.  On one thing there was total agreement.   Everyone liked quartz crystal points and clusters.   They seemed to give out alot of energy.

Then I had an idea.  What if I could recreate the zodiac circle with appropriate stones for every star sign and put appropriate stones for the Sun, Moon and planets in the places where they were when I was born and meditate in the centre of it?  I did and it was the best grounding experience ever.   Afterwards I felt refreshed, happy and ready to face life.  The physical experience helped me to connect and to understand my chart and therefore myself, better.   I become more spatially aware of the energies and how they interact.

Find out more about the wonderful world of Astrology and delve deeper into the Earth Goodies - Crystals and Gemstones